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Our association for lost and abandoned animals, for over 100 years in Belgium.

Who are we ?

Renovation 2023-2024

A new refuge for 2024

Our Brussels shelter is hosting major works for a year and a half. From our dogs’ kennels to the cattery, including the thermal insulation of buildings, follow the progress of the construction site!

Monitor construction site progress

Latest news

Our tips for walking your dog in the rain

Rain can be soothing for some, but for our four-legged friends, it can often be a source of anxiety and fear. Many dog owners have already experienced their […]

Tom and Minnie went for a walk with the Veeweyde team!

On Saturday, we were at the Animal Welfare Festival in 1070 Anderlecht with our dogs TOM and MINNIE, who we took out for a dog walk from the shelter. Thanks to […]

Special chewy treats call for donations!

We provide our 45 dogs with chews and licks on a daily basis, but these treats weigh heavily on our budget: over 500 euros a month! But these purchases are […]

Our history

S.R.P.A. Veeweyde

The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals Veeweyde is one of the oldest animal protection societies in Belgium. Every day, we take in almost a thousand animals in our four reception centres in Brussels (Anderlecht), Tournai, Turnhout and Coutisse.

We take in an average of 50 dogs and cats a month, not forgetting rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and hamsters, who are also victims of abandonment. We look after them and try to find them families to adopt them.

Veeweyde in a few dates

Our services

Our shelters

4 shelters in Belgium

Our association has 4 shelters in Belgium for animals that are lost, abandoned or seized by the police:

  • The Veeweyde Brussels Shelter
  • The Shelter of Veeweyde-Tournai
  • The Veeweyde-Turnhout shelter
  • The Marais shelter in Coutisse

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Adopting an animal

To adopt an animal at Veeweyde, you must be over 18 and live in Belgium.
An adoption contract will be drawn up between our association and the adopter, who will sign it for agreement.

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