You have lost an animal ?

It can happen that you lose your dog or your cat, or any other pet

Since identification of dogs and cats is mandatory, you should normally have no difficulty finding it. However, it is more difficult for cats, who are rarely microchipped despite the legal obligation, and more inclined to roam freely than dogs.

We therefore strongly advise you to have your cat identified in order to put yourself in order with regard to the legislation, and to prepare for any eventuality if it were to disappear.

Quickly report its disappearance on DogID or CatID, the official platforms for registering cats and dogs in Belgium.

Don’t forget to make your contact details public on DogID and CatID to make searches easier!


What you need to do first:

  1. Inform the animal protection companies closest to you, as well as the police and veterinarians in the area. Send us your wanted notice to with a photo specifying his race, his sex, his characteristics, give his exact age and his microchip number, without forgetting to describe the place and the circumstances in which your pet is lost.
    Contact nearby shelters to make sure your pet is not there.
  2. Post a wanted notice on social networks. The Facebook community can help you on several groups dedicated to finding missing animals, as well as the Animal Research mobile application.
  3. Place posters in your neighborhood. Consider putting them not only in your windows but also at neighborhood businesses as well as at public transport stops and around nearby parks.
  4. If you can afford it, promise a reward to the person who finds your pet.
  5. You can also report his disappearance to the police.