Our horses to sponsor

Become a godfather or godmother of one of our horses

Our Marais shelter permanently houses 110 horses, the majority of which are over 25 years old and have more or less significant disabilities, which are sometimes the reason for their abandonment. A fracture, an injury, and very often, this means that they can no longer work and are no longer useful!

We collect and care for these injured horses, disabled horses, or retired horses after a life of hard work in riding stables or farms where their services were used. Often over 30 years old and disabled, they require special care, specialized food and more extensive veterinary monitoring.

This is why we are looking for godparents for them. You can come to the Marais shelter, by appointment, to choose your godchild.

To become a godfather or godmother of one of our horses, we ask for an amount starting from 300 euros per year or 25 euros per month on account BE36 0001 2940 6181 with the following communication: “MARAIS – horse sponsorship + your name”

To meet your godchild on site, you can contact Laura at our Marais shelter by email at refugedumarais@veeweyde.be.