Help us to help them !

Support our association

Our 4 shelters survive solely thanks to the contributions of our members and their donations!

Donate the amount you want to the shelter you care about.

* Our refuge in Brussels: BE16 0000 1240 4074
* Our refuge in Tournai: BE22 0000 3155 8847
* Our refuge in Turnhout: BE25 4199 0240 6182
* Our Marais refuge: BE36 0001 2940 6181

These four reception centers care for nearly 1,000 residents on average every day. Added to this every day are animals abandoned, lost or seized for mistreatment. Every day too, we have the pleasure of having several adopted by new families.

But the preparation of meals, the maintenance of kennels, stables, meadows, farriery fees, veterinary care, administrative work, accommodation, building maintenance, searches for owners and inspections, everything it costs a lot of money.


There are several ways to help us.

  • Become a member of Veeweyde
    Joining our association is above all symbolic!
    Through this, you give us your support and your presence at our side.
    You can choose to support us by paying us one of these amounts every year into one of our three accounts below with the message: “Contribution + your name. »
  • 13 euros per year to become a member
  • 20 euros per year to become a sympathetic member
  • 25 euros per year to become a protective member
  • 1000 euros in a single payment to become a lifetime member

You can choose to join one of our following shelters:

SRPA Veeweyde ASBL BE16 0000 1240 4074
Veeweyde Tournai ASBL BE22 0000 3155 8847
Veeweyde Turnhout VZW BE25 4199 0240 6182

The subscription – annual or lifetime membership – does not entitle you to tax relief.

  • Become a volunteer
    Our team of volunteers is made up of enthusiastic and motivated people who provide important support to our existing team. They occupy essential positions by cleaning kennels and enclosures, feeding the animals, observing and interacting with them. The walking volunteers go out and walk the dogs within the shelter, make them do small training exercises (walking on a leash, sitting, staying, etc.) and enrichment games. We regularly recruit new volunteers for our center. reception for lost and abandoned animals in Anderlecht. How to submit your application? Send us an email to detailing your experiences with animals and your journey. Our services will contact you according to our needs and your availability. Also keep an eye on our News section and our social networks: we post our calls for volunteers there, detailing the profiles we are looking for. If you have other skills, contact us! This can also be a big help. Conditions: – Be over 18 years old.
    – Wish to participate in animal welfare and have never abandoned an animal.
    – Be ready to dedicate yourself to the shelter for 6 months with a fixed morning per week.
    – Respect the shelter’s safety protocols and apply the actions learned during the training received at the shelter.
    – Notify us in the event of allergies or any health concerns. For women, it is requested not to be more than three months pregnant.
    – Provide us with an extract from your criminal record.

For more information: or 02/527.10.50.

  • You can also think about the animals in our shelters in your will by specifying the one that is close to your heart.
    To help you in this process, we invite you to contact us by email at or at 02/527.10.50.
  • Sponsor a horse from our Refuge du Marais or a dog from our Brussels shelter
    Our Marais refuge, in Coutisse, is home to more than 110 elderly horses and 9 donkeys. All need specific and expensive care.
    To become a godfather or godmother of one of our Coutisse horses, we ask for an amount starting from 300 euros per year or 25 euros per month to the account: BE36 0001 2940 6181, specifying the following communication: “MARAIS – horse sponsorship/ donkey + your name »Discover the photos of the horses to sponsor in our tab dedicated to them on this site. For more information in order to have the possibility of choosing your godchild on site, do not hesitate to contact the Refuge du Marais at or by telephone at 085/84.54.44.
  • To sponsor a dog from our Brussels shelter, click here:
  • Make a financial donation!
    We issue a tax exemption certificate to all our donors for donations of 40 euros or more per year.
    – You would like to support our Brussels shelter: BE16 0000 1240 4074
    – You would like to support our Tournai shelter: BE22 0000 3155 8847
    – You would like to support our Turnhout shelter: BE25 4199 0240 6182
    – You would like to support our Marais refuge: BE36 0001 2940 6181
  • You can also organize a collection of materials and food from your friends, families, colleagues or even within your children’s school.
    You can bring us dog and cat food, blankets, baskets, chew toys or gnawing bones… Thanks to your donations, we save money in our budget
  • Do not hesitate to support us on Facebook and Instagram by sharing our publications and our events, as well as photos of our animals for adoption. This way you will inform your contacts about what responsibility towards animals represents and about animal welfare issues. Facebook: @SRPA Veeweyde
    Instagram: refuge_veeweydeYoutube: Refuge Veeweyde
  • Say no to animal sellers
    Our shelters house hundreds of animals abandoned for various reasons, the main ones being lack of time and lack of space after the puppy becomes an adult. We therefore urge the general public not to resort to animal sellers