Adopt a puppy

Adopt a puppy

Our Brussels shelter does not currently accommodate puppies.

You can nevertheless send us your application and fill out our adoption form so that our team can already have your file.

Please note that:

🔸 A puppy 🐶 is work and you have to be prepared for destruction and potty training!

🔸 We strongly advise people who have booked a vacation in the near future not to adopt a puppy so as not to impose a change of environment. Just abandoned, they need stability. Do not adopt if you want to put him back alone quickly. And if you are planning a vacation abroad, be aware that your puppy will not be able to accompany you given its vaccination status, particularly for rabies depending on your country of destination.

🔸 Also note that we reserve the right to do a pre-inspection, that is to say that our inspector will come to visit you at your home before adoption in order to assess the puppy’s future living environment.

You can fill out this form below and send it to us at

This procedure allows us to ensure that prospective adopters understand in depth what is involved in adopting a puppy who will quickly become large and adult with specific needs depending on its breed.

Only applications that are complete and meet the criteria will be taken into account.

Your duly completed form will be examined by our teams who are looking for the best home to welcome them.

For logistical reasons, all exchanges will be made via email only.

Thanks for your collaboration.

The Veeweyde team