Our dogs to sponsor

Become a godfather or godmother of one of our dogs

Becoming godfather or godmother of a dog means establishing a strong bond with the one you protect!

Dogs who do not yet have the chance to have a godfather or godmother are presented below.

To sponsor one of these dogs, contact us first at info@veeweyde.be or at 02/527.10.50.

Sponsor an animal: why?

Sponsorship is aimed at all those who cannot adopt an animal but also who want to get involved and financially help our association with a sum of 50 euros per month.

Sponsorship is a monthly donation that covers part of the costs related to accommodation, food and care of a shelter animal.

But above all it is about establishing a strong gesture by coming to visit your godchild once a month: getting to know him through play sessions organized at the shelter, giving him gifts to improve his daily life, like bones to gnaw on. , toys, a new basket, blankets… And talk about him to those around you to find him a new family.

For organizational reasons, we will arrange your visits to the shelter with you to take out the dog you are sponsoring. These visits may take place twice a month.

We will also have the pleasure of writing your godfather or godmother name on their cage and sending you your personal sponsorship card.

Yes, I would like to become a godfather/godmother!

How to do ?

Contact us as a priority at info@veeweyde.be or at 02/527.10.50.

You can then choose your godchild from the dogs offered below and pay the shelter the sum of 50 euros per month into the account BE48 1911 2251 7127 with the following communication: sponsorship + the name of your godchild.

The sponsorship ends when your pet has found a new home. We will immediately communicate this good news to you and if you wish, you can choose another godchild.