Be a member of Veeweyde

Be a member of Veeweyde !

What is it to be a member of Veeweyde?

Joining our association is above all symbolic.

Through this, you give us your support and your presence alongside us!

This allows us to undertake our actions and make our fight heard on a daily basis!

You can choose to support us by paying us one of these amounts every year into one of our three accounts below with the message: “Contribution + your name. »

  • 13 euros per year to become a member
  • 20 euros per year to become a sympathetic member
  • 25 euros per year to become a protective member
  • 1,000 euros in a single payment to become a lifetime member

The subscription – annual or lifetime membership – does not entitle you to tax relief.

SRPA Veeweyde ASBL BE16 0000 1240 4074

Veeweyde Tournai ASBL BE22 0000 3155 8847

Veeweyde Turnhout VZW BE25 4199 0240 6182