Who are we ?

S.R.P.A. Veeweyde

The royal society of animal protection Veeweyde is a society that protects animals. We accommodate nearly a thousand animals spread across our four reception centers in Brussels (Anderlecht), Tournai, Turnhout and Coutisse: dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, goats, ducks, geese , chickens, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits… All were abandoned, found, some mistreated… and taken to our shelters to be treated and await a new family.

The shelters located in Anderlecht, Tournai and turnhout accommodate the abandoned cats and dogs. We accommodate about 300 cats and dogs every month, not to forget we also accommodate abandoned rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and hamsters. We take care of them and work to find them families to adopt them.

The Refuge du Marais, in Coutisse, welcomes horses in distress, as well as various farm animals. We house no fewer than 132 old horses saved from the slaughterhouse. They live a peaceful retirement in our stables and are therefore they are  not adoptable.

But we are always looking for godparents to brighten up their old days!

Since 1977, we have also had a cemetery for small animals in Rosières.

A daily average of 1,000 residents requires large quantities of food, not to mention the maintenance of kennels, cages, stables, veterinary care… Veeweyde is not subsidized by any public authority. We survive thanks to the contributions of our members and their contributions, their legacies and their donations.