Our philosophy

The protection of animals in Belgium

Our philosophy sums up in the protection of animals in all forms. This protection aims above all to protect animals from the abuses to which they are often victims at the hands of humans: abuse of power, abuse of authority, mistreatment, cruelty, abandonment or even exploitation for commercial purposes.

We are  opposed in the most formal way

  • The use of animals for games, jousting, lotteries and their use for advertising purposes and shows and all circumstances in which their dignity is violated
  • Exploitation of animals for their fur
  • To any breeding that exceeds a reasonable demand
  • Hunting and fishing as an activity of relaxation and entertainment or for any other reason not justified by the vital needs of man
  • The capture, importation, possession and sale of animals living in the wild and particularly exotic animals, known as NAC, New Companion Animals.
  • The capture and detention of any wild bird belonging to the European avifauna.
  • The unjustified destruction of biotopes endangering the survival of species living in the wild
  • Any experimentation on animals

We recommend :

  • The placement and adoption in the best possible conditions of all domestic animals and the control of placements.

We demand :

  • That strict regulations be applied to the breeding and sale of domestic animals in order to limit them to normal demand and to guarantee buyers the quality that goes hand in hand with strict selection
  • Veeweyde does not advocate vegetarianism but fights to ensure that the methods of industrial breeding, transport and slaughter as well as the collection of products provided by the animal do not cause them any suffering or stress.