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  • Reception, accommodation and care of the animals entrusted to us

Found, abandoned, injured, sick, seized by the police or the regional animal welfare service, the animals entrusted to us find a temporary home with us, while awaiting their adoption.

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  • Rescuing injured or mistreated animals

Our vans – recognizable by their yellow color and bearing the Veeweyde logo – travel throughout the Brussels metropolitan area and its periphery  to respond to calls of animal removal from homes or collect animals on public roads, at police request.
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  • Return of lost animals to their owners

After a holding period of 15 days, we note that an average of 20 to 25% of the animals called “found” are recovered by their owners in one of our shelters. The others are considered abandoned from their 16th day at the shelter and then become adoptable.
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  • Placement under adoption contract

We strive to find a new home for all those left behind that we house at the shelter. Under no circumstances do we “sell” our animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets abandoned at Veeweyde.They are placed under an adoption contract and subsequently, they are subject to regular inspections so that we made sure of their well-being.
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  • Inspection

Veeweyde’s inspection department leads a team of paid and volunteer inspectors whose main activity is to ensure that all adopted animals live in good conditions. They also carry out seizures at the request of the courts and the police following complaints and proven animal abuse. Indeed, any complaint sent to us is subject to an investigation. On many occasions, our inspectors manage to improve dramatic situations and, in the most serious cases, a report is written by the police who can then proceed to seize the animals who are victims of cruelty.

During this intervention, our inspector tries to calm the animal and coax it. He especially does not want to use force with an animal that he has to take with him. Stressed, anxious by the tragedy they are experiencing, they must not be further traumatized. The role of the inspector is to provide help to animals in distress.


  • School visits to the shelter

Children must be taught to respect animals from a very young age. Indeed, the majority of the difficulties encountered by Animal Protection Societies come from the lack of awareness of the general public. Veeweyde allows schools to benefit from guided visits to the shelter, by appointment. Documents are  also provided to teachers and students who request it.

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Contact us on 02.527.10.50 or send an email to ludivine.nolf@veeweyde.be


  • The quarterly magazine Nos Meilleurs Amis

Veeweyde publishes the Nos Meilleurs Amis magazine four times a year, intended for its members, public authorities and adopters. We publish articles on news from our shelters and current issues concerning animal welfare..