You found an animal ?

  1. Contact the local police department first.
    The police have the means to take care of the animal and entrust it to a shelter if necessary. In this context, we collaborate with several police zones in the Brussels-Capital Region and its surrounding areas.
  1. Check if it has a microchip
    This service is free at veterinarians and shelters who will be able to obtain the owners’ contact details.
  1. If it is a fearful or wild cat, check if it has a notch, i.e. a cut of +/1 cm in the left ear
    This distinctive sign would indicate that it has been sterilized and returned to its territory. If it is not notched, notify an association that takes care of “field” cats:
    Ever’y Cat
    Free Cats
    Animal Defense Association (ADA)
    Cat Rescue
  1. You can call our shelter at 02/527.10.50 from Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    We collect found animals whenever possible: our shelter is often full! We are also closed after 5 p.m. as well as on Sundays and public holidays.
  1. Post an ad on the Animal Search app and on social media, including the Pet Alert group on Facebook.
  2. Post his photo in the neighborhood where you found him, via posters or flyers.

In the evening, at night, on weekends and on public holidays, contact the local police area!

Police zones in the Brussels Region

  • Zone 5339: Brussels and Ixelles

Rue Marché au Charbon 30 – 1000 Brussels
Tel: 02/279.79.79.



  • Zone de police-Ouest 5340 : Molenbeek, Koekelberg, Ganshoren et Berchem-Sainte-Agathe

Rue du Facteur 2 – 1080 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/412.12.12.


  • Zone de police Midi 5341 : Anderlecht, Saint-Gilles et Forest

Pour Anderlecht : rue Démosthène 36 – 1070 Bruxelles
Tel : 02/559.80.00

Saint-Gilles : rue Antoine Bréart 104 – 1060 Bruxelles
Tel : 02/559.85.00.

Pour Forest : rue du Patinage 44 à 1190 Bruxelles
Tel : 02/559.89.00.


  • Zone de police 5342 : Uccle, watermael-Boitsfort et Auderghem

Pour Uccle : Square Georges Marlow 3 – 1180 Bruxelles

Pour Watermael-Boitsfort : Drève du duc 2 – 1170 Bruxelles

Pour Auderghem : Rue Emile Idiers 12 – 1160 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/563.96.39.


  • Zone de police Montgomery 5343 : Etterbeek, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre et Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Pour Etterbeek : Chaussée Saint-Pierre 122 – 1040 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/788.91.00.

Pour Woluwe-Saint-Pierre : rue François Gay 100 – 1150 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/788.93.00.

Pour Woluwe-Saint-Lambert : rue François Debelder 15-17 – 1200 Bruxelles
Tél : 02/788.92.00.


  • Zone de police 5344 : Schaerbeek, Saint-Josse et Evere

Square Servaes Hoedemaeckers 9 – 1140 Bruxelles


Have you found an injured animal?

We are a shelter with limited veterinary resources.

Our services cannot take care of an injured animal like a veterinary clinic would.

The care of these animals is the responsibility of the municipality in which these animals were found.

  1. The first thing to do is to contact the local police.
  2. If he is sociable and can be caught, take him to the veterinarian to check if he is correctly identified in order to find his owners.
  3. There are also veterinarians who come to your home. Be careful of the costs that will then be your responsibility!
  4. More information in case of emergencies via or!


Have you found a dead animal?

Priority alert the municipal services of the area where you found the animal.

The remains are generally handed over to an approved organization for their evacuation under the best conditions

You can also send its description to the Animal Research app.

Did you find any kittens?

It happens that the mother is not very far away. Be careful not to move or touch her kittens too quickly.

You can contact one of the associations that take care of field cats to notify them of their presence.

Is it a bird or a small wild animal?

Take it to the Royal Belgian League for the Protection of Birds (LRBPO) accessible from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends and public holidays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Is this a large animal?

Contact the Royal Belgian League for the Protection of Birds (LRBPO), the police on 101 or the fire service on 112.

According to Belgian legislation, any animal found wandering on the public highway, and placed in a shelter, can only leave this shelter during the first 15 days to be returned to its owner. He can only be placed for adoption on the 16th day. In this way, the owner has two weeks to find his animal.


Our refuge in Brussels: 02/527.10.50

Our refuge in Tournai: 069/22.54.69

Our refuge in Turnhout: 014/65.86.26