School visits to the shelter

School visits

Since many children live with animals, it is important that they understand the extent of their responsibilities towards them. Indeed, far too many animals are still considered as toys, which we buy and abandon once interest has died down. The shelter’s educational service aims to raise awareness among children and adolescents by explaining  them its fight to defend animals and by guiding them through the shelter.

We are pleased that more and more teachers are including a chapter on animal welfare in their subjects. Children must be taught to respect animals from a very young age.

This is why Veeweyde organizes guided visits to the shelter in order to explain to children the importance of respecting nature and animals.

These guided visits are organized on Mondays and Tuesdays only, by appointment made in advance at 02/527.10.50 or by email at

  •  These visits do not last more than an hour and must take place peacefully..
  • We only accept two schools per week, in order to respect the well-being of the animals that are staying with us.
  •  Schools who wish to organize a food drive and donate it to the animals can do that.
  • They can also choose to help our shelter in a symbolic way through a small free donation of a 1 euro coin. Children can also insert their own coin into the large piggy bank at the entrance to the shelter. We hope that this small gesture will allow them to feel proud to be concretely involved alongside us for the animals and to understand even more the importance of respect for all living beings, whoever they may be.

How does a visit take place?

  • Out of respect for the animals and a good quality of visit, we have set the maximum number of participants at 20 students. We welcome children from the age of 5. The visit lasts on average one hour.
  • Upon arrival, participants are first welcomed in a large room, where we give them an overview of our activities. We explain to them the themes that will be developed throughout the visit and we also explain to the children the safety instructions to follow in the shelter.
  • The visit is always a great moment for children who can approach the cats in our cattery, respecting the calm that reigns there. They learn how to approach a cat and decode its behavior. It is possible to caress the most cuddly of them. Children are therefore expressly asked to remain calm and to be as gentle as possible with our little residents! Some of them had a difficult life before coming to us and they are recovering from their emotions. We therefore remain very careful so that they do not feel more anxious in the presence of overly agitated children.
  • After also greeting the rabbits, rodents, goats and sheep, we witness a moment of interaction between a dog and a caregiver in one of our secure parks
  • An hour later, the visit ends and the children can ask their questions and ask for advice.

For teachers and professors

If you are interested in a visit to our Brussels shelter, we invite you to contact our team at 02/527.10.50.

You can also make an appointment by sending an  email at